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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2016 11:29AM PDT
If you would like to integrate your MailChimp account in Kajabi, you can do so by following a few simple steps, as shown below. 

1. First thing you'll need to do, is locate the 'Integrations' tab within your Kajabi dashboard. After opening this tab, you should see MailChimp as one of the main options. You'll see an option to toggle this application On/Off. Go ahead and click to turn it on.

2. After switching MailChimp on, you'll notice that an API Key is required. To obtain this key, you'll need to access your MailChimp account in a new browser tab. 

3. In your MailChimp dashboard, you should see a dropdown menu in the upper corner of your screen, next to your avatar image. Within this menu, go ahead and select 'Account.'

4. Now that we've navigated to your account in MailChimp, you should see a tab labeled 'Extras.' This is the tab that contains your API Key needed for this integration. Click on the API Key selection.

5. After finding your API Key, you'll need to copy it, then navigate back to your Kajabi tab in the browser. 

6. Now that we have our API Key, just paste it into the box in your Kajabi dashboard, then click 'Save.' 

7. Now, in order to integrate with a form, you'll need to create a list in MailChimp, then obtain the 'List ID.'

8. Within the 'Create List' prompt, you can enter the information required for your new list. After entering your list information, scroll down and click Save. 

9. Once you save your new list, navigate to your Lists page to obtain the List ID. Click the drop-down menu next to the list you want to work with, and choose Settings. From here you'll need to scroll down to find the unique List ID field. 

10. Now that we have our List ID, let's go back to our Kajabi dashboard. We'll need to create and/or edit a new form to apply this integration. Within our form, you should be able to scroll down and see a 'Form Integration' section with a dropdown menu. We can select Mailchimp from our dropdown menu. 

11. Within your 'Form Integration' section, you can now paste your correct 'list id' into the box prompted under the dropdown menu. 

Once you enter your list id, you'll need to click Save. After saving, your MailChimp integration is now set up on your forms!


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