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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 06:47PM PDT

Affiliate:  An Affiliate is somebody who chooses to market an Offer of yours through a Share Link for a percentage of the sale.

Category: A Category is a section or subdivision of content within your Product. Some other names for this would be Module, Section, Chapter, Installment, etc.

Drip: (AKA Evergreen) Drip content allows you to share content slowly, over time, instead of giving the subscriber access to everything up front.

Member: A Member is a person who belongs to your Site and has access to one or more of your Products.

Offer: An Offer is how a Product or a bundle of Products is sold to a Member.

Online Store: Your online store is where people can purchase your Products through Offers.

People: Your members are found under the people section.

Post: A Post can be thought of as a Lesson. It's a piece of content (whether video, audio, text, or a combination) within a Category of aProduct. You can have multiple Posts within a Category.

Product: A Product is a collection of content to be sold on your Site.

Share Link: A Share Link is a link that redirects to somewhere in your Sales Flow. Affiliates will have a custom Affiliate Link for each Share Link, which will track and record purchases made through their link.

Site: Your Site is where you host content all relating to the same brand or identity. Within your Site lives your Product(s)Online StoreStatic Pages, and basically everything else you can think of! Assuming your Products are all under your same brand, you would want to keep them all under the same Site. Users have a single login for each site, so if your site has multiple products, they can access all purchased products under the same login. This makes upselling additional courses a very smooth process!

Static Pages: A Static Page is a page that does not belong to any particular Product, but is useful to have on your Site. Some examples of this would be a Terms & Conditions page, or an About Us page. They will be visable at all times, as you do not need a Member ID to access these pages.

Webhooks: A Webhook is a piece of data that is sent when triggered by an action. Many different applications use Webhooks to communicate with one another. You can take advantage of this to integrate with 3rd-party applications!

Opt-in Form: The opt-in form is a fundamental marketing tool that collects specific information from your site visitors.

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